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Established in 1958!


The heart and soul of SSAR is the dedicated volunteer workforce consisting of skilled searchers, pilots,  search coordinators and others, including mechanics, cooks, instructors, communication specialists and essential support personnel who contribute their skills at no cost.




During a typical year, Sault Search And Rescue logs over 4000 volunteer hours and responds to land, marine and air search & rescues, numerous community service events and many training activities. Sault SAR share's it's skills and experience through affiliation with OSARVA (Ontario Search And Rescue Volunteer Association), CCGA (Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary), and CASARA (Canadian Air Search And Rescue Association).

Our history

Sault SAR is a registered charity, and has created an endowment fund accepting donations and bequests. Our dream is to one day be self sufficient, where operations will be funded by various fund raising events.


Military and Police authorities depend on the resources of our outstanding paraprofessional team when the weather or the going gets tough.

SSAR in many ways, represents a uniquely Canadian response to emergency situations affecting smaller, relatively isolated snow - belt communities located in rugged terrain and linked by only one highway and rail line.


Wholly non - profit, manned by trained and experienced volunteers, SSAR provides services which are difficult if not impossible for government agencies to provide, especially in cases of extreme urgency when an immediate response is required. SSAR can and does provide manpower trained to a common standard and able to respond under the most adverse conditions. Organizations such as SSAR cease to be described merely as important, rather we take on the cloak of necessity, a status to which many crown agencies will attest.


Training for our volunteers is conducted at the modern Mac Nicholson Rescue Centre in Sault Ste Marie Ontario. 

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