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our skilled teams

Ground Search Team

Traines to OSARVA-OPP standards ( Ontario SAR volunteer Association) This is a carded training program. Searching on foot, ATV, ARGO, and snow machine, this team forms the basis of most of our search efforts.


This team meets the first Thursday of Each Month.


The Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary is a National program where mariners are schooled in the methods and procedures for marine Search and Rescue and Prevention . Sault SAR is a member unit and members within Sault Sar who undertake the specific training required are assigned membership status within the CCGA .


This team meets the second Wednesday of Each Month


Affiliated with the National  Canadian Civil Air Search & Rescue association.


This team meets the first Wednesday of Each Month


First Response Team

This team is comprised of members who train in first response situations that may occur on a search.  They train to Ministry standards and are prepared for most medical situations that may occur on a rescue.


This team meets the last Thursday of Each Month

Project Lifesaver

Members of the Project Lifesaver are trained as electronic search specialists. The search techniques involve the use of radio transmitters and receivers to help locate members of our community who have a tendency to wander. Every member is trained as aProject Lifesaver 

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